for all consumers who shop, already considered with all Term Condition ( Rules ) , RULES OUR FLEXIBLE FIXED and is not, go shopping, have to follow our rules, because this is our store yes. less and more shall please consider yourself before shopping, since RULES we will not change according to your argument, whatever it is, and for any itu.jadi before shopping please read the RULES, NO Complain rules so that, all who buy already agreed RULES and without coercion please READ AND SEE BEFORE BUYING!


General Rules
  1. Term Conditions will be applied to all sales contracts or other products SEO
  2. Term Conditions will be applied to all sales contracts SEO or other products.
  3. By making payments on services can be considered as the consumer's consent on Term Condition.
  4. Responsibility of the contents of the consumer website is not the responsibility of
  5. no responsibility to update the content and design of consumer websites.
  6. Transactions arising from traffic and positioning in search engines is not liable
  1. All booking service considered as filing consumers to buy services in accordance with the terms and condition accepted by
  2. can choose not to accept an order for any reason.
  3. Order via the website, all the technical steps to be taken by to complete the order process are more fully described in the Order Process.
Price & Payment
  1. Prices above all services are listed in the website.
  2. Once the order is received will send a confirmation email containing the order details, descriptions and prices of services. If there are differences in detail, description and / or price contained in the website, consumers can send a notice of cancellation of orders.
  3. Payments must be completed prior to activation of the consumers of the products requested.
  1. reserves the right to change prices and specifications of the items on the website at its discretion.
  2. reserves the right to withdraw any seo services and other products from the website anytime.
  3. should not be responsible to anyone on the withdrawal of the product from the website service or refuse to process an order.
Money Back Guarantee
  1. The warranty is only for SEO services is 50% money back within 3 months if the website does not teranking any keyword
  2. Money-back Guarantee (will be calculated prorata) if after the service finished, the keywords that we warranty does not match the captured packets.
  3. Money back guarantee does not apply if SEO formulas and instructions are not followed correctly.